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ホーム: ようこそ!

When you find yourself feeling lost, going in circles, or stuck,

it helps to have the supportive presence of a well-trained counselor to explore

your thoughts, emotions, and/or your wishes.

Let us support you to hear your inner voice and accept your authentic self,

so that you may live free of restrictive societal norms or others’ preconceptions.

While fully embracing all races, genders, sexuality, gender identities,

religions, and past experiences,

let’s take one step at a time, while appreciating the vast sky above us.

The sky has no limits, and neither do you.


​Our services


Individual counseling

In individual counseling with a supportive,well-trained mental health professional, you deepen understanding of yourself and others,and enhance your ability to find healthy ways to tackle challenges


Couples counseling


Regardless of marital status, gender, sexuality or cultural background, you are aided in improving communication and rejuvenating intimate relationships. Let our experts support you to change unhealthy patterns and relationship dynamics so that you may find ways to connect with your partner in healthier ways.


Family counseling

When something goes wrong in the family, attention tends to go to the individual who is presenting the problem. However, the idea of family therapy is to consider this symptom as an opportunity to review and reconstruct the relationships of the entire family, which functions as a system. Professionals are here to support your work to alter the dynamics of the whole system as necessary.


Other services

● GID/GD (Gender identity disorder/Gender dysphoria) support services

We provide psychological support and advise the gender transition process.

●Psychological consultation for companies and organizations

● Holding a BBH (Bringing Baby Home) workshop for couples


We provide a supervision with those who are in human services profession such as counselors.  Feel free to consult with us! We are hoping to support you in warm and safe environment so that you have an opportunity to grow as a person in your profession. 


Making an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment, please fill out the application form. (This would help appointment process smoother.)

If you are over 18 years old, please make an appointment by yourself. (Persons under 18 years old need a consent of their caretaker/s.)

We will get back to you within 2 business days.

Office Hour: Sunday to Saturday 9:00 to 20:00 (last appointment slot) The available schedule and time  depend on each counselor.

Please make sure to read the " Important points to be aware of " when making a reservation.

For inquiries regarding  reservation and other services, please email us at

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