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Eito Kusakabe,

M.S., Counselor, Consultant (Director)


Area of services:individual counseling/ Consulting GID related issues.

Counseling Types:in-person/online counseling/phone consultation

Languages: Japanese /English


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The thing we value most is to keep learning and improving our skills in order to face your issues together. Instead of 'teaching"  what you should do, we respect your values and  use counseling techniques to help you gain batter understanding yourself. We are here for empowering you to reach your goals.


I hope meeting sky counselors could be your first step to make positive change in your life.


Miho Takai,


Qualifications: Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Washington State, US) ・National Certified Counselor (US)
Area of services: individual, couples, and family (above 18 yo) counseling
Counseling Types: In person, on line counseling and phone consultation

Languages: Japanese and English


Based on the solid, trusting relationship that we can create together, we will collaborate to facilitate changes that lead you to live more authentically, in a way that embodies your values. I use variety of approaches in individual counseling. For couples counseling, I rely upon Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. I will guide you through the repair processes of your unique hurdles utilizing attachment perspectives. 

I welcome individuals with diverse backgrounds, various types of couples including international and interracial couples, and LGBTQIA+ couples. 

Do you wish to walk down a new path that leads you toward new dynamics in your relationship?

I am here to support you!


Naoko Bridle,



Area of services: Couple Counseling, Pre-Marriage Counseling, Couple Workshops

Counseling Types: Online, Short Intensive Couple Counseling

Languages: Japanese/English


All relationships are unique, with their own complex challenges. Especially, when there are cultural differences involved, it is not uncommon for couples to feel overwhelming. As priorities change, such as children, family, personal interests, career and work, a relationship may experience ups and downs in communication, understanding, physical intimacy or affection etc.

The sooner a couple address these challenges, the easier it can be to improve communication and the deal with the stress and conflict. I work with couples to work through their issues to achieve long, healthy and rewarding relationships. My methodology is based on Dr. John Gottman Couple Counseling who has been researching couples for 40 years.

The support services are available in both Japanese and English in the areas of pre-marriage counseling to couples who are considering getting married, and couples-counseling for any couples who are experiencing challenges.

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Lorinda Kiyama, Ed.D.


Doctor of Counseling Psychology

Areas of Counseling: Couple, Individual, Family, Children Counseling

Types of services: in-person and online counseling

Languages: English and Japanese


In the midst of tragedy and uncertainty, I can't help feeling optimistic about the future.  This is because I have the privilege of working with people who are eager to grow and to change.  It may not be an exaggeration to say that counseling is one of the most adventurous and meaningful journeys one can embark on in life.  It would be an honor to accompany you for a while along your way. 


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