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Access information

In order to prevent COVID-19 infection, we ask that you visit us 5 minutes before your appointment, except for the client who visit us first time who are asked to fill out our application and disclosure statement forms, in order to avoid contact with other clients as much as possible. 

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding and consideration.

All sessions are by appointment only. Please be sure to make an appointment prior to your visit.


By car:

We do not have a private parking space for our clients. Please use a public parking space nearby our office. There are two coin parking lots in front of the building of our office; however, they tend to be full all day. (You may find it easier to find a parking space on Komazawa street as compared to those parking lots, which may require a couple of more minutes walk for you to get to our office.)

By train :

Sky Counseling & Consultation Tokyo is about 6 minutes walk from Gakugei Daigaku(学芸大学駅)station of Tokyu Toyoko Line.

Gakugei Daigaku Station is 6 minutes by express from Shibuya Station and 24 minutes by express from Yokohama Station.

If you take a walk from Gakugei Daigaku Station, please refer to the following two maps.

1. Google maps


2-30-11 Chuo-cho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Gakugei Daigaku KY Heights Room 101

Please enter the above address in Google maps or click [Directions] on the map on the left.

Google maps will navigate you to our office from where you are.

Though Google would help you come to our office; we have heard feedback from our clients that it would guide you to walk through residential area, which may be confusing for you. Therefore, please refer to the following map and photos below for your reference.

2. Simple way to get to our office

​Google Map may guide you to the shortest distance route through residential area, but we've heard from our clients that that route was confusing. The following map shows you the simple route from Gakugei Daigaku station to Sky Counseling & Consultation Tokyo. You will find pictures for the numbers shown in the map below.

Sky Map revised March12.png

① After exiting the ticket gate of Gakugei Daigaku Station, proceed along the railroad on the small path between Tokyu Store and Fuji Soba (富士そば).


② Walk straight while looking at Fuji Soba   (富士そば) on your left.


③ You will find a traffic light in front of you. Cross the pedestrian and continue walking straight along the railroad tracks.

道順 パチンコ店.png

Proceed along the railroad track, which is on your upper right.


④ Cross the pedestrian crossing with no traffic light.


⑤ Enter the small path in front of a glossary store with a red roof shown in the photo and walk straight. Proceed while looking at the railroad track on your upper left.


⑥ Turn right when you see the "伊藤園” ("Itoen") vending machine on your right, before you hit the Komazawa street (If you find yourself on the Komazawa street, which is a wider street, you walked too far).  When you turn right, and look back, you will see [100 yen Lawson Store] behind you. 


⑦ If you walk a little, there are two coin parking lots on the right (one of them is Times parking). You will find Smile Plaza (Brace Gakugei Daigaku) next to those parking lots.

The white building on on your left side is our building called Gakugei Daigaku KY Heights and Sky Counseling & Consultation Tokyo is the room 101 in this building.


⑧ Press "101" → "Call"[呼」 at the entrance. We will buzz you in.

You will see our name plate on your left, right after you enter the building. Please make sure to have an appointment prior to your visit as we may not be able to attend to you while having sessions. 

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