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Types of counseling

Sky Counseling & Consultation Tokyo currently offers in-person, online counseling and phone consultation. 

Individual Counseling

During your individual counseling session, your counselor will listen to your story and together explore things such as why it is so painful, what you desire, why it seems difficult, and how you want to solve it. Sometimes, we find that current problems have roots stemming all the way back to your family environment when you were young. According to the saying “the child is the father of the man” , and contrary to what you may think, experiences from your childhood can sometimes have a huge impact. It may help you understand why something is so painful to you, or why you desire something so much. You may be able to understand yourself and create your personal story by reflecting on your past in light of what is happening now. In addition, you may start to make different decisions in the future because you have gained a broader perspective through such self-reflection.

Couples Counseling・Marriage Counseling

During couples and marriage counseling, we explore things such as why the relationship became difficult, how has it been entangled, what am I expecting from my partner, how do I communicate that to my partner, and how does my partner perceive my needs. In order to control “anger” you must first understand your “anger”. Counseling can help you understand:

·       what types of emotions exist in the shadows of your anger?

·       whether expressed emotions are being properly communicated to your partner?

·       what is happening which causes your relationship to look unrepairable? And,

·       how to resolve such problems.

We have counselors who are experienced in counseling international couples, multicultural couples, and LGBTQIA+ couples.  We don’t limit our practice to the traditional husband and wife. We welcome all types of couples. Our counseling can address issues such as violence, domestic violence, infidelity, divorce, sexless marriage, etc.

Family Counseling

Unlike couples, family relationships such as those between parents and children are unique in that they were created not by your own will. Nevertheless, the parent-child relationship is impactful. It is a relationship in which feelings of obligation and “must stick together” emerge and strongly influence the relationship. These are feelings with strong moral implications. For example, children must honor their parents, parents must love their children, parents must act right and children must follow them, and you must have a good relationship with your family. It is common to feel surprised and try to reject your feelings when they conflict with accepted social standards. Both positive and negative emotions are important. We provide techniques that allow you to acknowledge your emotions and help prevent you from self-sabotage or beating yourself up for having those conflicting emotions.

Together, let’s think about how you want to live your life in your family and in your parent-child relationship, while allowing and accepting your emotions. Of course, recognizing your emotions and knowing how to act on them are different things. We will explore how to control your emotions and your actions. Our counseling can address problems between family members including violence, domestic violence, neglect, etc.

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